Inner Range (CLOE) Port ‘0’ Cable Pinout

So we have an Inner Range alarm system at my work.. It’s a great system, but like most alarm vendors, the manufacturer thinks tight lips is a good policy.

Yeah, no.

$99 for a ‘port 0’ cable to program the alarm boards is a huge rip-off, so I sat down before work this morning and figured out how to talk to them.  It’s just TTL RS232.

On the CLOE devices, there’s a 5-pin header.  Pinout is as follows:

1  GND

Honestly, I don’t care what the unknowns are, probably flow control?  however wiring GND, RXD and TXD to a USB->TTL RS232 adapter (With the appropriate swapping of RXD/TXD betwee ends), I’m happily talking to this device at 115,200, so I’m happy and can now program it without finding the $90 cable that’s gone missing :-p



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